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Lending Philosophy


DLS looks at the individual merits of each loan. The two (2) main merits are Collateral (Equity) and borrower attributes.


Collateral (Equity):


This is the most important merit of any transaction we close. If we would not want to own it, we will not close it. The loan to value will be based on an independent appraisal from a licensed appraiser. We also review comparable sales and current listings from various sources to support appraised value. Other pertinent factors will include property location, overall condition, and occupancy status.


Borrower Attributes:


Each borrower is different from the next. This is why we look at each individual borrower based on their attributes and overall ability to make timely payments. We do not believe that credit scores truly reflect a borrower’s ability to pay. We consider income, past and present credit performance, overall assets of borrower, and the borrower’s employment stability. We believe the more stable the borrower, the better the loan performs.


Once these two merits are assessed, we will determine the final loan to value. We do have maximum standards that we will lend to based on property type. All LTV’s are first Deeds of Trust only;


Residential Property (SFR, Condo, Townhome, Duplex)       65% LTV (Greater Bay Area, Central Valley,

                                                                                                                   Sacramento Region)

                                                                                                  60% LTV (Other N. Calif.)


Residential Property- (Units 3+)                                             65% LTV (Greater Bay Area, Central Valley,

                                                                                                                    Sacramento Region)

                                                                                                  60% Max LTV (Other N. Calif.)


Commercial Property                                                              60% LTV (Greater Bay Area)

                                                                                                  55% LTV (Other N. Calif.)


Land, Mobile homes, Manufactured homes                          We do not currently lend on these property types.                           



***Final pricing will be determined once the collateral and borrower attributes are assessed and the final loan to value determined***

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